FORUM: Malaysians can Attend Forum without Police Permit

Malaysians can Attend Forum without Police Permit: Malaysia After PAA (Peaceful Assembly Act)

The Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) which strongly imposes a prohibition on street protests, has been passed recently. However, we believe that any act or law which restricts the freedom of assembly is no longer feared by the people of Malaysia.

This forum, jointly organized by Kill The Bill (KTB), Kempen Kebebasan Berhimpun (KKB), and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Civil Rights Committee (KLSCAH – CRC), will seek to discuss the implications of PAA on civil movements and what can the rakyat do next to uphold the rights to assembly and freedom of expression, and hopefully, to pressure the government to retract or abolish this ridiculous act.

Date: 11th February 2012

Time: 2pm-7pm



List of speakers:
Chairperson: Kee Thuan Chye (Civil rights activist and prominent journalist)
1. Syah Redzan Johan (Chairperson of Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee) – Bar Council’s effort to defeat the bill – what are Bar Council’s next steps after the bill became a law
2. Nalini Elumalai (Executive Director, SUARAM) – Implications of PAA on NGO and community movement
3. Wong Chin Huat (Political scientist and social activist, key founder of Kill The Bill, steering committee, Bersih 2.0) – civil disobedience
4. Adam Adli (Student leader) – Implications and impact of PAA on students movement

There will be also a special sharing sessions at the end of the forum from civil societies/movements to share their experiences on defying the PAA.

We look forward to your attendance and we hope that this forum can act as starting ground for civil movements to come in solidarity to stand up against the act, and to give pressure to the government to retract or abolish this act.