Judicial Review on Death in Police Custody

Dear news editor,

Hearing of Judicial Review on Death in Police Custody : Gunasegaran a/l Rajasundram- Seeking Justice since 2008!

In reference to above matter, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) would like to inform you that the case of death in police custody of Gunasegaran a/l Rajasundram will be held on 18 Jun 2012.

Gunasegaran (31 years old) was arrested suspected of drug possession and was brought to Sentul Police Station on the 16 July 2008 at around 6.45 pm. At 7.40 pm he was pronounced dead by the police while on the way to the KL Hospital. He died on the same day Teoh Beng Hock body was found.

An inquest was held 1 year after that. On the 25 October 2010, an open verdict was delivered. The coroner, Siti Shakirah binti Mohtarudin found insufficient evidences to record a conclusion to the case and to determine the death of Guna. The family believes Guna was beaten as a witness K.Selvachandram records it. Selvach has been detained under DDA since the open verdict was announced.

A judicial review of the open verdict was applied by the sister Ganga Gowri Rajasundram on 3 November 2010.

The details of the case as below:

Date: 18 Jun 2012 (Monday)

Time: 9 am

Venue: High Court 2, Jalan Duta

We very much hope that your press organization will cover the above event.

For inquiries, please call Theva (013-3845740). Thank you.