Press Statement 10th September 2012


SUARAM condemns the Domestic Trade Minister for making a statement that SUARAM will be prosecuted and that our accounts are “highly suspicious” even when the investigation is still ongoing. SUARAM has all along complied fully with the Companies Act in our dealings and our accounts are fully audited every year. This can only be seen as a political set up to frame SUARAM because of our complaint to the French court to investigate suspected corruption in the Scorpene deal.

The BN government has embarked on this shameful frame-up to the extent by perverting the government agencies and civil servants for this purpose. It is clear that these desperate actions by the government are attempts to discredit SUARAM and its selfless service to the Rakyat and to stop SUARAM from revealing further damning evidence relating to the Scorpene scandal. These are also a political diversion from the highly suspicious activities and accounts of Perimekar Sdn Bhd and Terasasi Sdn Bhd, two companies exposed through the investigations in Paris and which the CCM has still not investigated.

SUARAM is determined to fight for human rights and civil liberties for as long as oppression and injustice exist in this country. We have been performing this selfless work for 23 years without any complaints from any quarters until now.

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