Sarawak State Police Commissioner “No one is above the law. Even policemen are subject to the laws of the country”

Sarawak State Police Commissioner “No one is above the law.

Even policemen are subject to the laws of the country”


Press Statement 14 November 2012



SUARAM is shocked to see the image of 29 years old suspected snatch theft who is lying in a critical condition at Sarawak General Hospital after seriously beaten by police. On the 7 November 2012, Harian Metro published the news in it’s online media.


This thuggish behavior of 2 police officers from the Crime Investigation Department of Kuching Police District clearly shows that they are unprofessional in dealing with the suspect. Why do the police have to use force when interrogating the suspects? Are the officers not being trained properly on handling suspects or is this the kind of training received by the police officers?


SUARAM welcomes the swift action of the force to apprehend 2 police officers whom were suspected to have caused injuries to the detainee. The Sarawak State Police Commissioner, Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani promised they will be fair in handling the case and the case was classified as causing grievous hurt. He stated that “No one is above the law. Even policemen are subject to the laws of the country”


However, SUARAM has doubts on this. How transparent are the force when it comes to investigating a police? The RAKYAT has lost their faith on the mechanism of police investigating the police.


The question now, who bears the cost of medical treatment for the victim? If the victim is a breadwinner of a family, who supports the family now? He would not have been in comma but for the blood thirsty officers.


SUARAM urges the government to set up a support fund for the victims and their families when cases such as this happen. This fund should be used to help victims of state violence which is steadily rising over the years.


The civil societies in Malaysia are advocating for the need for the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to be set up. A movement named Stop State Violence Movement also has been formed by civil societies amidst the rise of violence in government agencies, especially the Royal Malaysian Police.


The police institution needs an independent disciplinary mechanism before scot-free thuggish attitude becomes the official code of conduct of the institution.
Released by,

R. Thevarajan
Right To Justice Coordinator


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