PRESS STATEMENT: 22 November 2012 


Taking great strides forward in its campaign to reach the grassroot communities, SUARAM’s Ops SCORPENE team is pleased to announce the launch of its Cartoon Series.

Titled “HIKAYAT PAK MONGGOL & SCORPENE”, the 32 page booklet is a depiction of the SCORPENE Scandal in simple, catchy and witty story form, to enable a simple and interesting understanding of a complex corruption scandal.

The Cartoon Series is designed for a specific target group; and shall hit the far corners and most rural areas of Malaysia, in its bid to correct the misinformation and lies that have been spun overzealously by UMNO and its allies, in trying to confuse the facts surrounding the purchase and ongoing inquiry in France.

Caricatured by world renowned cartoonist ZUNAR, SUARAM envisions that this Cartoon Series, will be an important resource material where social media is unable to reach and shall meet the objective to educate and enlighten Malaysians on the various issues arising from this 10 year-old scandal.

The cartoon book will be launched on the 29th November, 8:00PM, Auditorium, KL/Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall at Jalan Maharajalela. We would like to invite all the members of public and media to attend the launch.




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