RoS And Police Out To Get Company Secretary Of SUARAM’s Landlord

RoS And Police Out To Get Company Secretary Of SUARAM’s Landlord

Press statement: 7th December, 2012

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (“CCM”), Registrar of Societies (“RoS”) and the police are on high gears to harass SUARAM and other individuals they deemed to be related to SUARAM.

The Company Secretary of SUARAM’s landlord was served a notice under S66 of the Societies Act 1966 at or about 9:00am this morning. The manner of service of the said notice was both terrifying and embarrassing for the company secretary (“the secretary”).

Yesterday, the RoS had attempted to serve the said notice at the secretary’s residence at least twice at about 4:00pm and later returned at or about 8:00pm. Earlier this morning, the RoS has sought assistance from the police, possibly believing that the secretary was evading service. Blaring police patrol car arrived at his residence together with the RoS’ heavily tinted vehicle.

SUARAM strongly condemn the hysterical and heavy handed approach by the RoS just for the sole purpose of serving a notice. The entire episode has caused the wife of the secretary, a high blood pressure patient to suffer series of panic attacks since yesterday. She is currently undergoing medical check-up at Hospital Selayang at the moment.

SUARAM strongly urge the RoS to face SUARAM straight up in accordance to the law and cease harassing other individuals deemed to be related to SUARAM.

In another development, CCM had earlier today served notices under S7D(1) Companies Act 1965 to three SUARAM staff requiring them to appear at the CCM office on 17/12/2012 for investigation for undisclosed offences under the Companies Act 1965.

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