Ganga Gowri vs Government (DAY 1)

21 Jan 2013

First day of Ganga Gowri civil suit against 12 defendants including the Royal Police of Malaysia personnel, the hospital and the government. Ganga is the sister of Gunasegaran who died in police custody on the same day Teoh Beng Hock’s body was found, 16 July 2009.

2 witness took stand today, Ganga Gowri and K.Selvachanthiran. Federal Counsel who represented the defendants tried to demoralize the witness Ganga Gowri by implicating that Ganga is not qualified to comment on the health of Guna. The counsel tried to implicate that there were no beating by the police, where Ganga’s lawyer, Viswanathan rebut it by saying that the inquest on the death in custody of Gunasegaran found that he was indeed beaten. He also reminded that the AG did not appeal the decision.

Another non-compassion question by the federal counsel was her suggestion that Guna’s funeral rituals would have been done with the rotten condition of the body. She also blamed Ganga for the deteriorating condition of Guna’s body cause she did not claim the body at the first place. Ganga Gowri disagreed to that, adding that it’s the responsibility of the hospital to preserve the condition of the body.

Another unacceptable argument from the counsel is that the police does not need to lodge a police report regarding the death of Gunasegaran in police custody. Till to date there were no report made by the police on this. How is this possible? If we don’t report a death in our own backyard, doesn’t that smells fishy?

Around 4pm, K.Selvachanthiran took the witness stand. He is a brave individual to be remembered. In 2010, on the day when the inquest verdict was out, Selvach was beaten and arrested by the police at his home in front of his wife and kids. He was released few months ago, and now he is ready to bring justice to the Gunasegarans death. Selvach identified the police officer who have beaten Guna during the arrest on the 16 July 2009. The judge, YA Datin Yeoh Wee Siam requested the officer, Lans Koperal Mohd Faizal Bin Mat Taib (RF 151345) to stand up to introduce himself. Court was adjourned at 5pm.

We need more supporters to show solidarity to this family fighting injustice. Anyone whom are free, kindly drop by for the case at Jalan Duta High Court, 4th Floor, NCVC4. The case is predicted to go on till friday.

For twitter info, kindly follow @SUARAMtweets or @NatAsasi for live updates on the case. For any information, kindly call Theva- 013-3845740

Thank you.

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