Ganga Gowri vs Government (DAY 2)

22 Jan 2013

Second day of Ganga Gowri civil suit against 12 defendants including the Royal Police of Malaysia personnel, the hospital and the government. Ganga is the sister of Gunasegaran who died in police custody on the same day Teoh Beng Hock’s body was found, 16 July 2009.

Today morning, lawyer Viswanathan was alerted by one of the witness, Ravindran,42 who is currently undergoing imprisonment in the Seremban, that he was warned by an higher ranking police officer. The officer told Ravin that “If you make life difficult for us in court, when you come out from prison, we will make life difficult for you”. Lawyer Viswanathan brought this matter to the judge YA Datin Yeoh Wee Siam, and requested the judge to give an order to the defendants not to disturb the witness. The judge disagreed to give any instruction as there were no affidavit and evidence on the matter. Viswa again advised that if again this happens he will file a police report on the issue.

2 witness took the stand today, starting with the continuation of Selvachandhiran from yesterday. Selvach was requested to identify the cops who were involved in the narcotics operation at the Sentul todi shop. He identified 5 of them whom were present in the courtroom. They were Subari Bin Sarno (RF 91353), Mohd Faizal Bin Mat Taib (RF 151345), Rajinder Singh A/L Kartar Singh (RF 10513), Rohaizad Bin Ibrahim Koni (RF 122589) and Mohd Zahir Bin Ismail (RF 128740). Selvach aslo claimed that Mohd Faizal has beaten up Guna during the arrest as well.

Federal counsel again argued on the time of arrest made. She was arguing that the arrest was made at 5.30 pm, where Viswanathan argued that during the inquest submission, AG has agreed that the arrest was made at 3pm. The question of inconsistent was raised were the federal counsel contradicts the submission made by the own department during the inquest. Selvach also maintains that there were no first aid treatment given to Guna while he was lying after heavily beaten by the police ion the lockup.

One major tactic used by the federal counsel was to discredit the witness. She tries to implicate that during their arrest at the Sentul todi shop, they were high on drugs and were not in a sound mind to know whether Guna was beaten. This was denied by Selvach and the following witness Ravindran. Ravindran also identified the police officers who have beaten Guna and did the urine test after they were arrested.

First day of the trial, Selvach said the police used stick to hit Guna during the arrest. After the arrest, Ravindran said the police used rubber pipe to whack Guna in the lockup. Ravi also mentioned that Guna was kicked by Mohd Faizal while the arrest was made, and Guna was in pain during the time. Both Selvach and Ravin were handcuffed together with Gunasegaran. They were the credible witness in this trial and their statement has been always consistent.

Court adjourned at 3.45pm as there were other matters to be attended by the judge.

We need more supporters to show solidarity to this family fighting injustice. Anyone whom are free, kindly drop by for the case at Jalan Duta High Court, 4th Floor, NCVC4.

For twitter info, kindly follow @SUARAMtweets or @NatAsasi for live updates on the case.

Thank you.

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