Ganga Gowri vs Government (DAY 3)

23 Jan 2013

Third day of Ganga Gowri civil suit against 12 defendants including the Royal Police of Malaysia personnel, the hospital and the government. Ganga is the sister of Gunasegaran who died in police custody on the same day Teoh Beng Hock’s body was found, 16 July 2009.

2 witnesses took the stand today, starting with Ravindran. The federal counsel tried to implicate that the police officer did not kick Guna when arresting him at the todi shop. Her reasoning is that there was scuffle happened. Ravi denied it and firmly said that the identified cop Mohd Faizal Bin Mat Taib (RF 151345) kicked him during the arrest. Another interesting event is Ravi told the court that he was asked to tell a different story on how Guna died in lockup. Ravin identified the officer as Rajinder Singh A/L Kartar Singh (RF 10513). Ravin bravely claims Rajinder asked him to tell the investigation officer that Guna fell down and died plus he will help on the early release of Ravin.

This clearly shows the dire situation of men in power on abusing it. To add some salt to it, the defense witness took the stand, Mohd Faizal Bin Mat Taib (RF 151345), with more revelation on misuse of police power. Although the 2 plaintiff witness described and identified Mohd Faizal as the police officer who have beaten Guna, Mohd Faizal denies the claim vehemently. Although the plaintiff lawyer, Visvanathan reminded Faizal on the oath he took as a policeman, it seems this 27 years old young cop broke his oath.

Mohd Faizal agreed and told the court that he and his comrades made their own lockup rules. Human rights lawyer, Visvanathan questioned Mohd Faizal on time where the witness were interrogated then which the time was after midnight till the early morning. Visva reminded him on the lockup rules that states suspects can only be interrogated till 6.30 pm. Mohd Faizal enhanced the court with a new rule that the rules is not for a temporary lockup like in the Sentul police station. Visva requested Faizal to provide the evidence of then rules he mentioned, but he is unable to do that. Visva then questioned Faizal whether these set of rules where made by them, Faizal agreed!

Another discrepancies highlighted was the time where the Operasi Tapis took place. Mohd Faizal stood firm that the time they went to the todi shop was at 5.30pm. Visva then showed the prove of the Station Diary which will state all the movements of the police. In the diary, it was recorded clearly that the police left station at 3pm. Mohd Faizal agreed that both the info was correct.

When questioned on the beating of Guna in the lockup, Mohd Faizal denied it. Visva reminded him again that the finding of the inquest affirms that Faizal did beat Guna in the lockup. When questioned him which one is true, the court statement or his statement, Faizal claimed he is not sure about it. Another major issue to be highlighted is that till to date there were no police report made on the death of Gunasegaran under police custody.

Court adjourned at 4.15pm as there were other matters to be attended by the judge.

We need more supporters to show solidarity to this family fighting injustice. Anyone whom are free, kindly drop by for the case at Jalan Duta High Court, 4th Floor, NCVC4. Case continues at 10 am on Friday, 25 January 2013.

For twitter info, kindly follow @SUARAMtweets or @NatAsasi for live updates on the case. Any info, pls call Theva at 0133845740

Thank you.

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