End Harassment, Threat and Intimidation against Student Activists


End Harassment, Threat and Intimidation against Student Activists

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) is gravely concern with the violence by a group of thugs who forcefully dispersed and physically attacked students who were distributing leaflets which reportedly asking the residents of Pekan, Pahang, a constituency of Prime Minister Najib, to make a difference in the upcoming General Election. The senseless attacks had begun since 12 February 2013.

SUARAM condemns the intimidation, attacks and harassment by non-state actors. This is not the first incident of thugs attacking student activists. Such despicable acts from non-state actors must be stopped immediately and it is the sole duty and responsibility of the police to protect the students in their legitimate exercise of their freedom of expression.

Students shall be allowed to participate in any organisation, society and association and must be treated equally in the eyes of the law. SUARAM records its highest condemnation on the bully tactics employed by non-state actors in attempting to intimidate the students and invading their space for participation. Such belittling exercise of the students reflects the immaturity and arrogance of the thugs against future leaders of the new generation.

SUARAM demands the IGP to conduct a thorough investigation on the police report lodged by the students and take necessary actions against the thugs in accordance to the law. The fact that the students were threatened on numerous occasions warrants the police to take all necessary measures to guarantee the safety and security of the students who are actively involved in the Pekan campaign.

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