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Candlelight vigil for unity and harmony
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  • Lighting up for unity, peace and harmony.

    Lighting up for unity, peace and harmony.


KUALA LUMPUR(May 13): About 100 Malaysians turned up in a show of unity to reject racism tonight.
Holding candles and yellow flowers, they were participating in the candlelight vigil organised by seven civil society groups aimed at sending a strong message that racism has no place in Malaysia. See photos here
Coordinator of Malaysia for Beng Hock movement Ng Yap Hwa said that the candlelight vigil is to show that Malaysians from all walks of life disagreed with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s attribution of the Barisan Nasional poor showing in the 13th general election to a “Chinese tsunami”.
“The people voted as citizens of Malaysia, the politician should not blame the Chinese or Indians if the result is not satisfactory,” Ng said.
Other groups who jointly organised this vigil are Suaram, Pusat Komas, Kill the Bill ,Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (MIPAS), Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (women’s comittee).
Suaram executive director E Nalini said that the people gathered today to say no to racism.
“We must remember we are human beings. We must spread love. Not only the love of a boyfriend or girlfriend, but also to parents, brothers and sisters,” she said.
PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan, who was also present, said he respected those who gathered here tonight because 10 years ago, he was arrested when he participated in a gathering in May as the police then said it was “sensitive” due to the May 13 tragedy.
The crowd, who comprised mostly young people below 35 years old, have been gathering at the Dataran Puduraya since 8pm.
The “Member Inter-Bangsa Love Tour” was also there to perform music and invited the crown to join in the performance.
There were also poem-reciting session and singing by the participants.
There were about 20 policemen present, observing the event and the crowd.
The gathering ended with the singing of the national anthem “Negaraku”.

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