Youth detained by police rushed to hospital next day (Malaysiakini)

Youth detained by police rushed to hospital next day

A 24 year-old youth sustained serious head injuries while he was held in custody at the Kulim district police headquarters on the night of March 29, his brother claimed today.

NONEBadaruddin Mohd Tajuddin (left) said Kulim police failed to ensure the safety of his brother – Muhammad Kusyairi – when he was in their custody that night, before he was rushed to the hospital the next day.

Kusyairi was detained in Taman Selasih, Kulim, about 9.30pm on March 29 for suspected motorcycle theft and is currently being treated at the Penang Hospital.

According to the Kedah police, Kusyairi was beaten up by members of the public when caught trying to steal a motorcycle.

“Is is unfortunate that after he was arrested by police and was taken into their custody, the next day (March 30), he was rushed to the Penang Hospital from Kulim,” Badaruddin said after lodging a police report at the Northeast District police headquarters on Jalan Pattani in Penang.

“He sustained injuries on his head and is now in a state of coma.

“As his family, we want to know how Kusyairi suffered such grave injuries to his head and become unconscious only after he was put in the police lock-up,” he said.

Badaruddin urged the police to investigate the matter thoroughly, adding that the family demands to know his brother’s condition during the arrest and when he was in police custody.

Suaram coordinator Sean Ho, who was present, said it is the responsibility of the police to protect suspects they take into custody.

“If Kusyairi was beaten up as claimed, the police should have sent him to the hospital immediately,” Ho said.

Kusyairi’s family plans to hold another press conference on Thursday, at which they intend to release more information on the matter, upon confirming certain details.

Police deny allegations

Kedah police have strongly denied allegations that its officers had beaten Kusyairi while he was in custody.

State deputy police chief Abdul Ghafar Rajab said Kusyairi was in a “weak condition” and the force was not able to interrogate or question him.

He confirmed that the suspect – from Kupang, Kedah – was nabbed for alleged theft of a motorcycle “belonging to a 23 year old”.

The owner was shocked to see the suspect on his motorcycle and approached him with 30 others members of the public,” Bernamaquoted Abdul Ghafar as saying.

“They managed to nab him and then hit him until two policemen came to stop the scuffle.”

Abdul Ghafar said that since Kusyairi was very weak, he was sent to the Kulim Hospital about 11.20pm for treatment.

Since Kusyairi was in critical condition, he had to be rushed to the Penang Hospital where he is in a coma.

“The suspect will be charged under Section 379A Penal Code with motorcycle theft and investigation papers are being prepared to probe those who allegedly beat him up, under Section 324 for causing injuries to the suspect,” he said.

He reminded the public that it is not wrong to help nab a suspect but that they must not go beyond the limit, as it could lead to their own arrest.

However, Abdul Ghafar said none of those involved have been arrested or asked to give a statement.

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