Dharmendran, Another Victim of Police Brutality





SUARAM strongly condemns the police for causing the death of N. Dharmendran, on 21/5/2012. Dharmendran, 31, had on or about 11/5/2012 lodged a police report at Pudu Police Station in relation to a fight where he was reportedly alleged to be involved in. Subsequently, the deceased was arrested, detained and was remanded pending police investigation.


According to his widow, she was waiting for the deceased to be released on bail on 21/5/2012 but instead, she received a phone call from the police informing her of her husband’s death. It was reported that the post mortem would be conducted by Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s pathologist Dr Siew Sheue Feng who had in the past performed examination on alleged sodomy victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.


SUARAM is gravely concerned on the injury marks on Dharmendran’s body and demands immediate response to the following:-


1.      Why were there staples on the deceased’s ears?;

2.      Who inflicted the bruises all over the deceased body?;

3.      What were the grounds considered by the Magistrate in allowing the police’s application for remand?; and

4.      The status of investigation on Dharmendran at the time of the application for remand and subsequently bail.


SUARAM demands IGP Khalid Abu Bakar and Home Minister Zahid Hamidi to take responsibility over the death and announce to the public on when and what actions will be taken against the officers in charge of Dharmendran. SUARAM expects nothing short of transparency and independence of the police and the Home Ministry in this matter.


On this note, SUARAM strongly urge the following actions be taken immediately:-


 1.      An independent and transparent investigation on the officers in charge of Dharmendran;

 2.      The police to disclose the Daily Journal kept by the officer in charge of Dharmendran during the initial detention and remand period;

 3.      An urgent intervention from the Magistrate who had approved the remand application and further heard the bail application; and

 4.      The Attorney General to initiate proceedings against the officers in charge of Dharmendran.


For as long as the police are allowed to commit these hideous criminal offences with impunity, the police are not qualified boast and to make public announcements on the level of safety and security on the streets. In fact, the police should start focussing to improve the safety of suspects under police supervision and custody.


The speedy approach taken by the police in arresting peaceful dissenters should be equally, if not more vigorously applied to the officers in this case which had caused the life of Dharmendran. Without an independent mechanism to punish these blood thirsty officers, the public will see more fatalities in police custody, police shooting and spiralling corruption in the police force. SUARAM awaits the response from the IGP and the Home Minister.


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