The Coalition of Good Governance commends MBPJ for organizing the yearly public consultation on the
council’s budget before it is finalized for the coming year. As this concerns money paid by the public and
rate payers, meeting like this uphold the spirit of accountability and transparency. It offers also an
opportunity for feedback from the public and is an important exercise in community engagement as
promoted by Local Agenda 21.

Concerns of Stakeholder

As stakeholders in the Petaling Jaya community we are concerned that the consultation meeting has not
met its objective in the past years. Some of the reasons are:

1. Lack of notice to residents, NGOs and stakeholders.
2. Lack of Financial Information provided which prevent us from giving meaningful contribution at
the meeting.
3. Lack of clear written explanation as to the budget theme and the action plans to achieve it.
The above problems occur because the process of preparing the city council budget does not follow
established proven practices.

Two important aspects of budgeting are:

1. Participative Budgeting (Engagement of the public and good feedback before preparing the draft
2. Budget Monitoring (The regular monthly monitoring of the proposed income and expenditures).
Both of these important aspects have been raised at 2014 budget consultation meeting.


For this coming budget consultation meeting stakeholders would like clarification of the following:

1. Participative Budgeting

a. The process and explanation in which the council decides on the priority of projects
b. The list of projects planned for 2015 and time line
c. The lists of meetings convene by councilors with their residents to get feedback about
required works and the total spending in their area.

2. Budget Monitoring

a. The budget monitoring committee was passed by council under the former mayor but
was not implemented. In The Star news paper report dated 9th October 2013 it was
highlighted that the council spent only 35.32% of the RM47.8mil allocated for the
development of infrastructure and other public amenities in 2013.
b. The mayor has undertaken to monitor the budget during the passage of 2014 and we
would like clarification of the spending of the budget presented in tabular format where
we are able to see the Actual spending against the budgeted amounts by monthly or
c. The establishment of the proposed budget monitoring committee should also be
discussed and established at this budget dialogue meeting so that PJ stakeholders are
assured of a system looking after the residents instead of the oversight of one person.

3. Determination of Strategic Rakyat Friendly Focused areas

Throughout 2014 there were many embarrassing newspapers articles that highlight the deficiency in
services offered by MBPJ. We highlight here specific issues which require special focus, and
therefore demand how these have been strategically addressed by the budget
a. Of grave concern is the inclusion of MBPJ zones as top dengue hotspots in the country.
Fingers are being pointed at MBPJ for failures to address aging drainage infrastructure
and the ineffectiveness of the cleaning services
b. With more traffic being brought into PJ the residents expect more allocations for more
public transport friendly infrastructure, more pedestrian walks and more bus stops
c. The citizens of PJ are greatly affected by the increasing cost of living. As a responsible
rakyat friendly local government we expect strategic infrastructure in giving dignity to
food courts, wet markets and public parks.

Proposed Approach

We are proposing that this meeting will take a different approach. The Approach where residents are
split up into different groups and made to discuss a micro-topic had turned out fruitless for the last
three years of budget consultation.
For this budget meeting, we would like to reach an agreement with MBPJ that the process of the budget
with regards to participative budgeting and budget monitoring committee be institutionalized.
That the following figures be presented to the residents and to us for forwarding to our list of
stakeholders. The requested figures are:

1. The list of recommendations from the last consultation that make into the budget

2. Income and Expenditure Statement Budgeted and Actual spending for 2012, 2013 & 2014. For
2014 the accumulated actual expenditure be included.

3. Balance Sheet of MBPJ indicating the accumulated reserves due to the under spending by the
council for the last 3 years.

4. The list of Development Budget allocated to councilors for their respective areas and the actual
amount spent for those proposed projects.

5. The allocations and initiatives specifically for :

a. Poverty Alleviation
b. Maintenance of public housing
c. Traffic Congestion
d. Citizenship Education
e. Public Consultation-Engagement
f. E-Aduan system
g. Pedestrian Walks and bus stops
h. Food courts
6. Written narrative of the budget theme and the action plans to achieve it
Until and unless a new approach to the budget consultation is adopted the Coalition of Good Governace
sees the forthcoming exercise to be another futile whitewashing exercise and at best another Public
Relation exercise.

Coalition of Good Governance
Endorsing Organisations

– Centre for Independent Journalism
– Friends of Kelana Jaya Lake Park
– Friends of Kota Damansara
– The Centre to Combat Corruption & Cronyism (C4 Centre)
– KRT SS20 Damansara Utama
– Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Gasing Indah
– Residents Association Section 12
– Sunway Damansara Double Storey Terrace House Residents And Owners Assiciation, PJ