Stop criticizing and start fixing!

SUARAM strongly condemn the atrocious behaviour and comments by the select individuals in response to the observations and report made by the Human Rights Watch.

Recalling the series of human rights violations committed by the government of Malaysia within September itself, it is outrageous that some quarters seek to deny the persistent and systematic violations of human rights in Malaysia.

The commentary and observation made by the Human Rights watch is nothing less than an honest assessment of Malaysia’s present climate and should be accepted as such. The act of censuring and criticizing the Human Rights Watch for their observations and views without any substantive review and reflection is highly misguided, ill advised and unbecoming of a government who promised to prioritize the people’s interest.

The government of Malaysia and their supporters should be analysing the report in a positive manner and improve themselves for the betterment of Malaysia. The act of denial will achieve nothing and cause the present government of Malaysia to renegade on its promises of reformation and set Malaysia on the path to become a failed state.

Last but not least, SUARAM would like to congratulate the Human Rights Watch for their courage and effort in championing human rights in Malaysia!

Sevan Doraisamy,
Executive Director,