National Security Council Bill a Threat to Parliamentary Democracy!

For immediate release
3rd December 2015

Suara Rakyat Malaysia strongly condemns the introduction of the National Security Council Bill and the attempt by the Barisan National to bulldoze the Bill through Parliament.

Between the power given to the Prime Minister to declare an effective ‘state of emergency’ in a ‘security area’; the wide ranging power given to security forces; and the absence of any form of check and balance would allow the Prime Minister and his chosen cabal to act with absolute impunity as a dictator in Malaysia.

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While, the Government of Malaysia justified the Bill as a necessary provision to safeguard national security, it is irrational to think that we need such measure despite the absence of any large scale conflict or threat on Malaysian soil. Even in the days of conflict with the Communists and the confrontation with Indonesia, Malaysia had no need for such draconian measure. Certainly we do not need it now!

The only reason why the Government of Malaysia wish to implement this legislation is to provide its leaders with unparalleled power to control the country and silence all form of dissent with violence and threat of violence.

Further, the execution of this act would undermine what little human rights Malaysians enjoy at this juncture. The proposed bill also clearly contradicts the United Nations General Assembly resolution on human rights defenders that Malaysia agreed to last week.

If this Bill was passed, it is likely that Malaysians today will stand witness to the killing blow against democracy in Malaysia! Rather than protecting Malaysia from the security threat from the Islamic State terrorists and incidents like the Sulu Invasion, the National Security Council Bill will become the real security threat to Malaysia’s national security and Parliamentary Democracy and set Malaysia on the path of tyranny!

Say no to the National Security Council Bill!  


In Solidarity,

Sevan Doraisamy
Executive Director