Press statement by Kua Kia Soong, SUARAM Adviser 18 August 2016

Someone commented recently that Malaysian civil society is dead because she noticed that ever since 2008, NGO activists have either been co-opted by the alternative coalition into their parties, their think tanks or were actively working in tandem with these political parties by being selective in their criticisms of the political parties.

Well, Penang Forum, the NGO coalition of which SUARAM Penang is proudly a member, is proving to be the exception. They have risen to the occasion not only to critique the Penang State Government’s Transport Master Plan (TMP) but to present a cheaper and environmentally preferable alternative for the people of Penang. Their concern for the negative impact on George Town’s world heritage site caused by the TMP involved their proactive action to write to Unesco requesting for an advisory mission and impact assessment on the proposed TMP:

“The issue is the impact the TMO project – which features a major light rail transit (LRT) and monorail transport hub at Sia Boey, along the old Pragin Canal, – would have on George Town’s heritage (site)…

“We are extremely concerned that the construction of LRT and monorail stations in a tertiary zone (zone bordering a buffer zone) of the Unesco-listed George Town will pose risk to its outstanding universal value status.”

NGOs are sentinels NOT lapdogs

For their efforts, Penang Forum has been under vitriolic attack by Penang state DAP leaders for being “backstabbers”.  Judging by the recent caution by the Chief Minister to Penang NGOs “not to bite the hand that feeds them”, it seems that the Penang state leaders are not aware of the role of civil society…

Civil society organizations exist to promote and protect democracy. Their contribution to economic development, political awareness and societal advancement has been acknowledged and supported in the international arena. NGOs play the mediating role between the individual and the state by articulating citizens’ interests and demands. They owe allegiance only to truth, social justice, democracy and the human rights of the people. Perhaps other NGOs in Malaysia would like to express their opinions on this unjustifiable attack on Penang Forum.

Negative impact on heritage sites

I have written about the scandal of Kuala Lumpur city planners and heritage protectors allowing the construction of the concrete monorail monstrosity to obstruct the views of the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the Chen Ancestral Shrine, the Guan Yin temple and other Kuala Lumpur heritage sites. The Guan Yin temple was built in 1888, the Chen Ancestral Temple in 1896 and the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in 1934. There are other heritage sites along the monorail route which are likewise needlessly obscured from view.

Likewise, Penang Forum has urged the state leaders to work together with the National Heritage Department, Unesco and civil society in solving the issue of whether the Transport Master Plan (TMP) will have a negative impact on George Town world heritage site. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the project managers have insisted that the construction of the transport hub is not within the heritage site. To this, Penang Forum has rebutted:

 “If they are so confident, then why are they upset about Penang Forum writing to Unesco asking for a mission to determine the impact of TMP on the heritage site?

“They should welcome it and let it be evaluated so that there is no wrong (done)!”

Khoo Salma of Penang Forum has further warned that if the state signs and commits to implementing the TMP before Unesco finds out that the project endangers the world heritage site, the state might have to compensate the developer for breach of contract. Then again, Penang rate payers will be the losers:

“This is a similar case to the Penang Island City Council having to compensate RM20 million to Boustead Holdings Bhd for requiring it to lower the building height to 18 metres after approval was given for a taller building at the site,” Khoo Salma said.

To close this with the infamous words of a Penang DAP leader, the Penang state government should “stop behaving like crybabies”.