Ensuring Integrity of Investigation of 1MDB & Najib Razak

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) is concerned with the conduct of the Royal Malaysian Police in conducting pre-dawn raids at Najib Razak’s residence despite the lack of any imminent threat to security posed by the former Prime Minister and the subsequent complaints raised by Najib Razak and Family.

SUARAM is aware that Najib Razak’s residence has been under police control since the 14th General Election and that the Royal Malaysian Police have had ample opportunity to investigate the allegations of corruption by Najib Razak since the information of the 1MDB debacle was first made public. Under these circumstances, the Royal Malaysian Police and the minister responsible must justify why the investigation did not start earlier and why was it necessary for the police raid to be conducted in middle of the night.

Furthermore, the recent allegation put forward by Najib Razak regarding the conduct of the Royal Malaysian Police during the raid on his properties must be addressed immediately to ensure no doubts would be cast upon the investigation. SUARAM welcomes the stance adopted by Amar Singh and calls on the Royal Malaysian Police to ensure that the alleged misconduct is investigated and addressed immediately if proven to be true.

Under the Police Act 1967, policy direction and responsibilities for the police still lies within the purview of the Minister for Home Affairs. In the absence of the Minister, it can be presumed that the Prime Minister would be responsible for overseeing the conduct of the Royal Malaysian Police. Irrespective of whether the Minister had ordered the raid to be conducted the manner it was conducted, it is the responsibility of the Minister to ensure that any misconduct, injustice or excessive use of force is subjected to scrutiny and curtailed if necessary through changes to the Royal Malaysian Police standard operating procedure.

Acknowledging the need for justice and accountability for the alleged crimes committed by Najib Razak during his term as Prime Minister, Malaysians must not forget that rule of law and appropriate operating procedure must be at the forefront of our quest for justice to ensure that bad practices that were common during the Barisan Nasional government are not retained and embedded in the system.

SUARAM therefore reiterates the call for the creation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to investigate any police misconduct. Pending the introduction of a new law to establish IPCMC, the government should establish a committee under the Ministry of Home Affairs to begin immediate review into police conduct and ensure that the violation of human rights by the Royal Malaysian Police be relegated to a thing of the past.

In Solidarity
Sevan Doraisamy
Executive Director

2 thoughts on “Ensuring Integrity of Investigation of 1MDB & Najib Razak”

  1. So we everything also need the approved of the minister of home then they just can start the investigation?which mean that they need get approval for every criminal case?

    Or you think it is the bad way for starting investigation at night? then after you get robbed at night please remember that report the police on tomorrow. It is irrespective for asking police to start the investigation at night.

    During the last election, it happen so many thing in malaysia, but what had you did? Do nothing, then why you come out and talking nonsense now?

    Sorry for my poor english
    hope you understand it.

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