Postponing Human Rights and Empowering Politics of Hate

SUARAM regrets the turn of events which resulted in the postponement of the Human Rights Day celebration organized by SUHAKAM and the suggestions that the celebration was a counter-rally against the Anti-ICERD rally organized by the opposition party.

The celebration for Human Rights Day has been an annual event where human rights groups and the SUHAKAM celebrates the human rights struggle in Malaysia. The celebration is not a rally nor is it a counter rally. It is regrettable the authorities fail to appreciate the spirit of Human Rights Day and puts SUHAKAM in a position where it has to postpone the annual Human Rights Day celebration.

The allegation by police that the celebration would have serious security risk is absurd and irresponsible. If the police have sound evidence that there would be security threat against celebration, why are there no action to detain or investigate individuals or groups which are threatening the security of the celebration? If there is no credible evidence for action to be taken, why is the police making such claims and advising for the celebration to postponed.

The Inspector General of Police must answer to the public for the position adopted by the Royal Malaysian Police on the matter.

In Solidarity

Sevan Doraisamy
Executive Director

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