Enforced Disappearance Task Force: Why Please Alleged Perpetrators?

SUARAM is baffled by the answers from Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad on the task force investigating into the disappearance of Amri Che Mat and Raymond Koh.

The establishment of the task force is intended to bring perpetrators that orchestrated the disappearance of these individuals to justice. The task force should comprise of independent individuals and experts that could uncover the hidden truths behind the disappearance of the two individuals and ensure justice is done for the victims and their family..

The presence of police personnel within the task force is absurd as there is substantial doubt as to whether they can conduct the investigation without being partial to their colleagues; or that they would not unduly influence the course of the task force; or whether they would tip off would be perpetrators in the course of the task force’s investigations.

The Prime Minister is correct. The government cannot please everyone. The question is, why did the government choose to please the alleged perpetrators by forming a compromised task force and not please Malaysians who are seeking justice for the disappeared?

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