Investigate Violent Threat against Activist

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) is appalled by the personal attack and threats made against human rights activist Heidy Quah in response to her sharing on refugees.

The vicious campaign against refugees and migrant workers in Malaysia is not a natural occurrence but a driven hate-campaign that attempted to divert Malaysian’s attention from the political instability resulting from the coup in February and the inevitable economic fallout from the Covid-19. This is abundantly clear from the false and misleading narratives consistently put forth by bots and fake accounts prevalent on social media.

It seems the proliferation of disinformation is no longer adequate for the perpetrators as they have now escalated to personal attacks and issuance of threat against personal safety. Such threats cannot be tolerated, and swift action must be taken by the authority to deter the normalisation of hate speech and violence in society. Failure to act will bear dire consequences for the physical wellbeing and safety of those affected.

The Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has consistently shown that they are equipped and able to track down individuals posting ‘offensive’ materials against politicians. It is time the authorities use the investigative tools available to them to tackle an actual crime where a person is subjected to criminal intimidation and threat of violence.

SUARAM calls on Minister for Communication and Multimedia, Saifuddin Abdullah to take the lead on the matter and ensure that the perpetrators advocating for violence are brought to justice.

One thought on “Investigate Violent Threat against Activist”

  1. Malaysia is one of the nations which had supported & affirmed the Declaration of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly on the Rule of Law on 24 September 2012 which recognized that all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the
    State itself, are accountable to just, fair and equitable laws and are entitled without
    any discrimination to equal protection of the law in accordance with the universally-accepted principle of the supremacy of the law.

    Without accountability and transparency, the supremacy of the law and the rule of law are brought into ridicule by repulsive & repugnant violators who desecrate the sanctity of the supremacy of the law with disdainful impunity.

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