Independent IPCMC, not IPCMC under MOHA

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) is appalled by the announcement by Hamzah Zainuddin, the Minister of Home Affairs with regards to the introduction of a new bill on the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)

IPCMC is not a whimsical law introduced with no rhyme nor reason. It was a key element in the proposal by the 2005 Royal Commission of Inquiry intended to improve the police force and address the key concerns on police misconduct and safeguard police welfare. The proposed bill introduced by the Pakatan Harapan administration has also undergone extensive refinement and consultation with various stakeholders.

While there is undoubtedly room forfurther refinement and improvement, the bill is the culmination of the efforts byall quarters with compromises accepted by many. By reintroducing a new IPCMC bill, the Perikatan Nasional administration will undermine the tireless effort put forward by all stakeholders involved in the process.

Furthermore, the suggestion by the minister that the bill will be placed under the Ministry of Home Affair is absurd and unacceptable. The Royal Malaysian Police has always been a downline agency of the ministry, and as such, any failing of the institution is the responsibility of the ministry. The fact that IPCMC was recommended in the first place is a reflection of the complete and total failure in governance on the part of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Placing IPCMC under the Ministry of Home Affair will only compound on the existing failure of the ministry and defeat the whole purpose of IPCMC.

SUARAM call on the government to maintain the IPCMC proposed and refined by the Parliament Select Committee and adopt it in its present form.

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