Press Release by the Citizen Action Group on Enforced Disappearance (CAGED)
30th August, 2017

We refer to the Open Letter to IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar from Susanna Liew, the wife of Pastor Raymond Koh, released today.

The letter has exposed that the IGP has exercised double standards. This is so because he urged the family not to speak to the media about the abduction, but himself cavalierly and carelessly spoke to the media about the abduction.  Also, the police spoke more to the media and less to the victim’s grieving and restless family.

We applaud Susanna for boldly saying so in public and call upon the police to apologize for their negligence and to act more professionally in the future.

Yet, we at CAGED are particularly alarmed by the allegation of inconsistencies between (1) the IGP’s announcement on 25 June of “new leads” found after a “main player” in an arms, drugs and human trafficking syndicate was shot dead in Kedah and (2) the Kedah Chief of Police (CPO), Datuk Asri Yusoff’s 18 June press conference about the shootout, a day after it occurred.

The open letter has pointed out that in his press conference, the Kedah CPO listed items recovered from the car of the “main player” and from his house.

The Kedah list included 2 car number plates, WNS5168 and BNW217. It did not include any objects related to Pastor Raymond Koh. Yet, on 25 June the IGP said the Kedah police had seized, from the house of the “main player,” a number plate bearing the letters ST5515D, the registration number of the car Pastor Koh was driving when he was abducted.

CAGED therefore asks IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to answer these questions:

  1. Why is number plate ST5515D not included in the list of seized items released by the Kedah Police on 18 June?
  2. Did you fabricate the claim that Pastor Raymond Koh’s number plate was found in the dead suspect’s house?

We at CAGED are sure the public at large would want to hear the IGP’s answers to the above 2 questions.

If the IGP does not provide a satisfactory response, we will have to conclude that he fabricated the “link” between the dead smuggler and Pastor Raymond Koh’s abduction.  And, we will ask, why do the police find it necessary to fabricate evidence?

Statement issued by:

The Committee of CAGED

For further information please contact CAGED at +603 7954 5724 or email at [email protected]