Ops Scorpene Buka Puasa and Fundraising Dinner on 19 July 2013

19 JULY 2013, 7pm at DEWAN SIVIK, MBPJ
19 JULY 2013, 7pm at DEWAN SIVIK, MBPJ





SUARAM is proud that today we continue to stand tall as a leading voice for human rights and good governance, and are here to announce our next and continued attempts to keep the inquiry in France alive! Let us be clear that the ongoing inquiry is not and cannot be a SUARAM commitment alone.
Let us face these hurdles together, to free Malaysia from the clutches of corruption, once and for all.

Individual tickets are priced at RM 150 and RM500 and Tables are priced RM 1500 and RM 5000 each.
Online payments and pledges can be made out to SUARA INISIATIF SDN BHD MBB a/c no: 5122 9582 0324.

For further enquiries, contact [email protected] or contact SUARAM at 03 77843525/ Sarah +013-3470860

For further info and details you may visit Website:www.suaram.net Facebook https://www.facebook.com/suararakyatmalaysia
Twitter: suaramtweets

The OpsScorpene Case in Paris – At a Cross Road.




The OpsScorpene Case in Paris – At a Cross Road.

SUARAM took a bold step in 2009 to pursue the corruption case involving the purchase of two SCORPENE submarines by the Malaysian Ministry of Defence from the French supplier, DCNS.

The decision to lodge a corruption complaint in the French court was because SUARAM faced brickwall after brickwall from the Malaysian authorities.

From the complaint lodge and after almost two years of initial investigations, the French authorities found enough evidence to appoint two judges to lead a court inquiry as per the French Judicial System.

Malaysians were filled with excitement, hope and encouragement that the truth may finally be revealed, even though if it is through an overseas court.

The first two fund raising dinners organized to raise funds to pay for the case  was greatly  supported by the public as Malaysians adopted the case as a People’s Initiative to fight against corruption.

As expected, the legal journey is a long and slow process and meanwhile the EURO 3,000 a month retainer fee for our French legal team needs to be paid.  The Malaysian OpsScorpene Team  serves pro-bono and often times having to face harassment and intimidation from the authorities.

The dwindling funds left the OpsScorpene Team with little choice but to organize yet another fund raising dinner scheduled for Friday 19th July 2013.

Sadly, the public response and support this time round is all but luke-warm. With under 10 days to go, less than 50% of the targeted tables have been purchased.

The Fund Raising dinner will definitely go on as scheduled, the OpsScorpene Case is now at a difficult cross road.

Although there have been slow but positive developments on the French side, the OpsScorpene Team is unable to reveal too much at any point in time as it may derail the court process. However, the Malaysian public is fast losing patience having seen little progress. Thus it is not surprising that there is luke-warm support for the fund raising dinner this time round.

However the truth remains that the empty coffers have resulted in the second quarter French legal  retainer fee being left outstanding. We need funds to continue pursuing the case.

Thus Malaysians will have to decide if indeed we want to continue to unite and pursue Truth and Justice.  It would be a grave disappointment to our future generation if this mother of all corruption case is to be dropped at this point.

The French courts have received great cooperation from the Hong Kong authorities in revealing the movements of illicit funds. Many names of individuals and companies have surfaced linking to politicians and political parties.

Do we drop this case now because of lack of funds; what path do we take now?

The ball is in the court of the Malaysian public.


Thank you.


Ops Scorpene Team





Attached is the Suaram’s urgent arrest team for 22 June 2013.

We have given our name and contact numbers.

This what we want you to do:

If you see or witness anyone being arrested at your respective place, please send SMS to the number that given.


OFFICE NUMBER: 03 77843525 (DIANE)


 3  JALAN RAJA LAUT  HASBEE  010 5033274
 4  SOGO THEVA  013 3845740
 5 JALAN PUDU PETER 0129059948


You only have to type:

a. Name

b. IC Number/passport number

c. Phone number

d. Police station that the person being taken to or detained


SUARAM will send the SMS to the lawyers as well as to the our person in charge in office.

You may also call our office and you can talk to Miss Diane and please give details to her.


Dont get panic when you being arrested by the police or being stopped by the DBKL. All you need to do is CALM DOWN and SMS US!



Thank you

Released by,

Nalini Elumalai

On behalf of SUARAM Team

An Increase of 14-fold Refugee Population for the past 10-year provokes government’s stereotype



An Increase of 14-fold Refugee Population for the past 10-year provokes government’s stereotype

Today, in commemoration of the World Refugee Day, SUARAM and Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) strongly urge the Malaysian government to immediately ratify the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol to promote, respect and provide coherence protection framework that upholds their principle human rights and dignity in the country.

In light with the alarming global trend of forced displacement[1], In Malaysia, statistics as of April 2013 recorded by UNHCR has shown an increase of almost 14-fold (or 1390%) from 5, 311 refugees and asylum seekers registered in year 2003 to 103,010 people (2013).[2] Meanwhile, Myanmar origin remains the largest proportion of recognized refugees and asylum seekers with share of 92% (absolute number 94, 760) from the total numbers.

It is stated that despite Malaysia’s reluctance to ratify 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, the number of vulnerable people seeking sanctuary in the country escalated overtime. This also provokes government’s stereotype over the implication of having ratify the convention will encourage the new influx of refugees. Such argument is highly irresponsible for a country that have strong role on United Nations Human Rights Council hence shall not be an ultimate determinant factor for government’s continuous refusal to such instruments.

Countries around the world have taken more progressive position using regional solidarity and burden sharing with multi party arrangement with United Nations and the humanitarian and rights base agencies to manage the influx. We strongly state that refugee and asylum seeker phenomena is not a country concern but it’s an important regional and international phenomena that impose an obligation on nations states.

Refugees and asylum seekers are classified as illegal immigrants by the Immigration Act 1959/63 and can be arrested, detained and sentenced, which usually involves judicial caning by the authorities. Discrimination, Intimidation and threats of violence against refugees and asylum seekers continue unabated in some pockets of our communities. This can been seen in the latest act by government, where the Malaysian government has sternly warned Myanmar communities in Kuala Lumpur that they could face deportation back to Myanmar in the wake of recent violence between some Myanmar communities in Kuala Lumpur.

SUARAM and LFL also urge the Malaysian government to halt all form of arbitrary deportation of Myanmar refugees especially those from the Rohingya community as they are refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar. SUARAM and LFL want to make it clear that such force deportation is wrong and unacceptable in a constitutional democracy as well as a violation of international customary laws.

We call upon the Malaysian government, as well as other governments across the world, to re-affirm the values upon which international agreements of refugee protection are based. It is also a time for all sectors of society to reflect on their role, to examine, form and strengthen partnerships on how best to find lasting solutions to the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia.

Eric Paulsen

Co-founder & Adviser

of LFL


Police Reform: Discuss and Strengthen it


Secretariat : Suara Rakyat Malaysia
433A, 1st floor Jalan 5/46, Gasing Indah, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(T) 603-7784 3525 (F) 603- 7784 3526 Email : [email protected]

Press Statement: 20 June 2013

Police Reform: Discuss and Strengthen it

The Stop State Violence Movement would like to applaud the rakyat for the pressure mounted on the government that moved the cabinet to act fast on the issues regarding the Royal Malaysian Police and its reform in particular the setting up of IPCMC.

The Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today that the government will implement a centralized lockup system where interrogations of suspects will take place. A permanent coroner’s court in every state in the country will also be established.

We welcome the setting up of the coroner court. This is also in line with SSV’s demand on setting up of an independent and competent Coroner’s Court system to replace the current Magistrate’s Inquest which is extremely problematic and ineffective. We do strongly believe that a coroner court system will only be effective if the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commissions (IPCMC) is formed.

This is because an independent investigation body like the recommended IPCMC will investigate any death in custody cases and provide the investigation report to the coroner for further action on prosecuting officers involved. If this is not established, we end up sitting in a coroner court listening to the investigation papers done by the police against their peers themselves. This strongly drops the credibility of the court on being independent. The concept of independence for accountability must be the common thread pulling together the various reforms required for the police force as a strong, credible and effective institution.

The government should make some study on the coroner court in other countries to understand the international standards available and applicable to our country. The appointment of the coroner itself should create a sense of trust among the people where the judge must be independent without any political appointments or political involvement. Countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and few more have already established coroner court in their countries and their experiences both the positive and negative, can be used as a research point to establish a similar one in Malaysia.

On the idea of setting up more lock ups, it will not be helpful in tackling the fundamental issues of lack of understanding of rights and standards; where there is lack of accountability; and absence of independent investigations on commissions and omissions of the police force. Having centralized lockups with CCTV and other gadgets are cosmetic touch ups on this issue. Recently, when activists were arrested and placed in the Jinjang lock up, the CCTV was not functioning. CCTV too can be manipulated. Such acts can only be eliminated if the police are conscious of the fact that there can be independent investigations and that they would be made accountable.

Police lack human rights education and understanding of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as well as inability to conduct an investigation objectively accordance to the human rights principles. Our police officers fail in recognizing the notion of presumption of innocence of an individual and always treat all the suspects who are arrested as criminal. The reform must be grounded with human rights education and the need to maintain standards.

We encourage the ministry to engage with the civil society to discuss and further strengthen the suggested reforms. This is also in accordance to the Recommendation 10 of the Police Royal Commission of Inquiry back in 2005, where the PDRM should engage with the local Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) with the support of the government.

We are ready to work closely with them in reforming the Royal Malaysian Police for the betterment of our country.

Released by,

Thevarajan R
Secretariat SSV