SUARAM Secretariat Member investigated under Sedition Act 1948


Press Statement: 7th August 2013

SUARAM Secretariat Member investigated under Sedition Act 1948

SUARAM condemns selective persecution and use of the Sedition Act 1948 against Suaram Secretariat member and Human rights activist Ms Cynthia Gabriel under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act. We strongly believe that this investigation is politically motivated and is purely harassment against SUARAM and its members for exposing information related to the on-going Scorpene case in the French court.


Ms Cynthia Gabriel attended the investigation today on 7th August 2013 at 3pm at the IPD Petaling Jaya police station. During the investigation, the Investigations officer asked questions unrelated and non-relevant to the Sedition act. The investigating officer failed to produce or show the content of the police report that has been lodged against SUARAM in regards to the Scorpene dinner to Ms Cynthia Gabriel. The questions mainly focused on SUARAM as an organization, for example, what is SUARAM?, is SUARAM a company?, what does SUARAM do and stand for?. These are similar to the questions asked last year when SUARAM faced intimidation from government led agencies. This investigation led to nowhere and the Register of Societies (RoS) dropped their investigation of SUARAM. SUARAM sees this questioning as a waste of time and energy when the police should be investigating criminals involved in random shootings as well as those companies like Perimekar and Terassasi that have been linked to the French investigation.


We urge the Government and the police to put an end to any harassment against Ms Cynthia Gabriel, SUARAM as well as against all human rights defenders in Malaysia. We also call on the Government to abolish the Sedition Act 1948 which is against basic human rights principles and to drop charges of those who have been prosecuted for political reasons.


The Government must comply with all the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and in particular with, “Article 1, which provides that “everyone has the right, individually and in association with others, to promote and to strive for the protection and realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms at the national and international levels”.


Released by,

Nalini Elumalai

Executive Director

2nd ROUND of Harassment against SUARAM: Silent Critical Voices proved that the Government is Desperate


Press Statement: 5th August 2013

2nd ROUND of Harassment against SUARAM:

Silent Critical Voices proved that the Government is Desperate


SUARAM condemns the recent selective investigation by the Malaysian police against SUARAM secretariat member Miss Cynthia Gabriel. We believe that the Malaysian government is determined to clamp down on human rights in Malaysia through a sustained campaign to intimidate and harass SUARAM in retaliation for SUARAM’s whistleblowing role in the Scorpene submarine scandal, involving at least RM500 million in suspected kickbacks.

This second round of political intimidation and harassment against SUARAM is proof that the government is determined to silence any form of criticism from human rights and civil society activists, following SUARAM’s last Ops Scorpene fundraising dinner which was held on 19th July 2013. Miss Cynthia will be issued notice 111 under the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and a statement from her is due to be taken. We were informed that a police report has been lodged against SUARAM in relation to the fundraising dinner.

From July 2012 till February 2013, SUARAM was severely harassed and faced a barrage of investigations from the Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM), Registrar of Society (RoS) and the Police. The RoS by a letter dated 6 March 2013, have now withdrawn all pending notices against SUARAM. Recently the Home Minister said there is no further action against SUARAM.

Throughout the period between July 2012 and February 2013 however, SUARAM was investigated under at least three legislations, namely the Companies Act 1965, the Societies Act 1966 and the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012. We were accused of being foreign agents and furthering Jewish interests in Malaysia and SUARAM was also accused by Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) of allegedly bribing top government officials, including officials from the CCM in the midst of the CCM investigation. The world must view these worrying trends as a signal of a potentially broader crackdown against critical activists and human rights defenders and organisations in Malaysia.

We urge the government and its agencies to stop any further selective investigations in bad faith against SUARAM and other human rights defenders and human rights organisations that have fundamental duties to promote and protect the human rights. This is pure harassment and police actions constitute mala fide.

We challenge the police to spend time and energy to curb serious crime in this country rather than trying to intimidate and harass SUARAM. We also urge the police, Malaysia Anti -corruption Commission (MACC) and the CCM to investigate companies connected to the Scorpene Submarine Scandal such as Perimekar and Terasasi, as recently highlighted in the French media. Stop harassing the whistle-blowers, investigate the corrupt suspects.

Released by,

Nalini Elumalai

Executive Director

Jasbir Sing Chahl: We want the whole truth behind the Scorpene scandal







30 JULY 2013






SUARAM views with interest the weekend revelations of Jasbir Singh Chahl, on the SCORPENE Submarine procurement, and welcomes his sudden willingness to speak about the controversial deal, of which he was a key negotiator.  We urge him to come clean on the full details of the procurement, which has now dragged on to be one of the largest corruption scandals of the country.


SUARAM had to await confirmation from our lawyers in France, before addressing the media.


  1. 1.     JASBIR as Witness to the French Courts

Firstly, we confirm via our Lawyers in France (William Bourdon and Apoline Cagnat)  that Jasbir Singh Chahl is a witness to the ongoing criminal inquiry, and that the investigations are still ongoing.  This verification coincides with his own admissions in the NST article that he has been in close contact and has been cooperating with the French investigators.  His statement to the NST vindicates further that the SUARAM initiated inquiry at the Tribunal de Grande Instance is making sound progress and is gaining traction.


  1. We remind the press that this is the same man who just last year came out with strong denials that he was involved in the scandal ridden procurement, following SUARAM’s expose that he would be among the key witnesses to be called before the French tribunal to testify.


  1. Whatever his motivation to come out of his silence after more than a decade, Malaysians will never know.  He has done well by opening a can of worms with his NST interview, and by doing so provoking further interest into the corruption allegations, where after more than a decade, many answers are still left wanting.



Why was JASBIR OUSTED of the DEAL?

  1. 4.     SUARAM urges Jasbir to take the next step and go all the way to reveal the full details of the procurement, his role in closing the deal, why he was ousted from the negotiations, why did then Defence Minister Najib  see it fit to intervene and push his long time friend Razak Baginda into the foray to lead the negotiations instead?


  1. 5.     JASBIR’s RM50 million suit against BAGINDA

It is no secret really that Jasbir had a major fallout with Razak Baginda, as described in the contents of an article published in the Far Eastern Economic review (FEER) back in 2002. A RM 50 million suit was filed by Jasbir , but he eventually settled for an out of court of settlement, according to French investigating papers. SUARAM wonders why none of these details were articulated in the NST article.



  1. 6.     JASBIR and TERASASI?

What about Jasbir’s role in Terasasi Sdn Bhd, and why this mysterious company was never made public? If not for the French investigations, Malaysians would still be in the dark over this. Jasbir is compelled  to tell us the exact amounts of money that Terasasi received from French shipbuilders, and what exactly led to its dissolution of the company here  and why the subsequent formation in Hong Kong.




On the subject of Altantuya Shaaribu, SUARAM reiterates that we had never described her as a translator. In fact SUARAM has asked repeatedly what was her real role in the submarine deal? It comes as no surprise to read Jasbir’s admission that he had never met her, as he was pushed out of the deal midway.


The question that begs to be answered is who is Altantuya , what was her role in the procurement of the submarines if any, and why was she so brutally killed. The French inquiry despite its emphasis on the corruption crimes and kickbacks, have agreed to probe the circumstances around Altantuya’s death and whatever connections she could have had with the submarine deal.


PERIMEKAR and the EURO 114.9 million euro

  1. Finally, we read with deep interest Jasbir’s lame attempt at vaguely doing a breakdown at how the Euro 114.9 million Euros was derived and paid to Perimekar.


We note that Perimekar ‘s annual statements have shown a tumble since its inception. Between 2009 and 2010, while the submarines were being delivered, Perimekar’s activity has slid down: the company has seen its net income decrease from a profit of RM19 million to a loss amounting to RM3.3 million.


The financial report of 2010 stated: “The company’s project with the government of Malaysia was completed on Dec 25, 2009, after which a downsizing exercise was done in a fair manner and the company was focusing on prospecting for other viable business opportunities.”


Was Perimekar set up just to receive the kickbacks from the Submarine Deal?


Why was Jasbir silent on all of these?





–          It is clear from Jasbir’s interview that the French inquiry is making headway.  Many attempts have been made to discredit SUARAM and our lawyers in France, but today we are more than glad to confirm that the French investigators are digging deeper to uncover the truth, and Jasbir has admitted  that he has been in constant communications in this criminal inquiry.


–          SUARAM demands that the full and whole truth be made known, and for Jasbir to answer the above questions, as his interview in the NST has far from cleared the doubts around the corruption commission and kickbacks. This man as the original negotiator has all the information, and must act  with full responsibility to come clean on what actually happened.


–          Jasbir and all other witnesses listed cooperate with the French inquiry to bring the truth behind this controversy once and for all.


–          For MACC to drop its long and pregnant silence over this case, and open its investigation books. Its really time to nab big fish corruption.







Released by,


SUARAM Secretariat














2013 Custodial Deaths List- Will this ever ends?

Press Statement: 18 July 2013

2013 Custodial Deaths List- Will this ever ends?

SUARAM once again is publicizing the list of deaths under state custody for the year 2013.

Year Date Name Age Location
2013 14-Jan-13 Chang Chin Te 30 USJ8
2013 23-Jan-13 Sugumaran 39 Batu 14 Cheras
2013 01-Feb-13 Mohd.Ropi 43 Temerloh, Died at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Hospital
2013 10-Mar-13 M.Ragu 47 Kampar
2013 17-Mar-13 UNKNOWN 55 Seri Alam Johor
2013 3-April-13 Muhammad Kusyairi 25 Hospital Pulau Pinang
2013 21-May-13 Dharmendran 32 IPK KL
2013 27-May-13 Jamesh Ramesh 40 Penang
2013 01-Jun-13 Karunanithi 42 IPD Tampin
2013 8-Jun-2013 Nobuhiro Matshushita 33 USJ8
2013 4-July-2013 Cheong Fook Meng 53 Jalan Imbi
2013 16-July-2013 Chew Shiang Giap 26 Pusat Pemulihan Akhlak Batu Gajah

Three people have now died in police custody on the same date, the 16 of July. The first two were Teoh Beng Hock and Gunasegaran back in 2009 and now we have the latest case of Chew Siang Giap who was also found dead in the Batu Gajah prison rehabilitation centre on 16 July 2013. His death has once again has sparked public outrage against the increasing number of custodial deaths in the country.

SUARAM calls on the police to ensure accountability for the so-called “sudden deaths” of the individuals name above who were healthy before they were apprehended but lost their lives while under the responsibility of the police.

The right to life is guaranteed in Article 5 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). However the cases above highlight how personnel from the Royal Police of Malaysia seem to have a lack of respect for this fundamental right and the value of human life.

The police force and the judiciary tend to respond swiftly to other cases of murder but continue to fail to take similar steps in cases of deaths under police custody of innocent victims. This sends a chilling message to the public that these deaths do not count and that police personnel can operate above the law with impunity in this country. SUARAM calls on the authorities to ensure an independent and impartial investigation into all these cases and to make the findings public.

From the list above, only 3 police officers have been charged for the death of N. Dharmendran only after public pressure and outcry while one of them went missing. On the case of Karunanithi, who died in Tampin in June, till today no officers have been charged despite the fact that the post-mortem and video shows evidence of bruises and injuries on his body.

Now in this latest case of Chew Siang Giap, his father has also found bruises on the ears, shoulder and thigh of the deceased body. It is unacceptable that Chew Siang Giap’s family has to plead for an independent investigation to be made in order for the perpetrators to be held to account. Why can’t the police be proactive in investigating this death in custody? Further the EAIC has also been silent on the matter and has yet to initiate any investigation which is within their powers.

SUARAM calls for the setting up of an independent oversight mechanism to make sure the Royal Police of Malaysia respects human rights and performs its duties in accordance to the law. The Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) has been the ongoing call from civil society groups since it was first proposed by the Royal Police Commission back in 2005.

SUARAM wants an end to these serious human rights violations. The public wants an independent body to probe these deaths in custody and hold the perpetrators to account. The failure to ensure effective police accountability mechanisms highlights the lack of political will by the government to take genuine steps to reform the police in this country.

Released by,
Thevarajan R
SUARAM Coordinator



Ops Scorpene Income and Expenditure Statement




Balance b/f                                                                                                      RM   7,279-00


i)   Fundraising dinner -15 June 2012 ( RM238,837)

ii)  Donations (RM8,000)

iii) Sales (RM665)                                                                     RM247,502-00

Total Income                                                                        RM254,781-00


Less Expenditure:

1. Fundraising dinner                                                            RM 38,479

2. Legal Fees

i)    Jul-Sep 2012 (RM36,034)

ii)   Oct-Dec 2012 (RM37,825)

iii)  Jan-Mar 2013 (RM38,025)                                    RM111,884


3. Paris Trip (18-21 March 2013)                                RM 12,257

4. Campaigns

i)  Advertisements                                                              RM   1,000

ii) Press Conference (hall rental)                                  RM       660

iii) Road shows

Penang (RM1,640)

Perak (RM635)

Johore (RM1,055)

Kota Bahru (RM554)

Trengganu (RM1,005)

Pahang (RM663)

Singapore (RM2,308)

Sabah (RM261-00)                              RM    9,781


4. Printing

i)   Brochures (RM830)

ii)  T-shirts (RM21,850)

iii) Cartoon books (RM20,295)                        RM 42,975


5. SuaramProgram &Admin Cost         RM 38,633

Total Expenditure                                                                       ( RM255,669)

Balance                                                                                               ( RM         888)