Local Democracy

Local democracy is about local participation in things that affects us and our local communities. At SUARAM, this campaign is lead and spearheaded by our Penang office.Here, the idea of local democracy along with the importance and the functions of local councils and the government is promoted to the public.

The public is empowered with key and basic information such as: what is the difference between a councilor and an ADUN?, who is responsible for what within the local government?, where and who to go for help in solving drainage, garbage, street lighting and other vital local problems?

Throughout the years, various programs in promoting local democracy have been organised. One of the higlight of this campaign is the ‘Local Democracy Festival 2012’ which spanned over three months. This festival is a follow-up to the Local Democracy Week (2011) and Local Democracy Month (2011) which we hosted in previous years.

In addition to that, SUARAM Penang also organises a “Youth Parliament” as an effort to empower the youth and encouraged their democratic participation.