Right To Trial

This desk is the heart of SUARAM, where it’s campaign to call for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act (ISA) which led to the existence of SUARAM. This desk also campaigns for the abolition of all draconian laws that allows detention without trial, namely the Internal Security Act (ISA), The Security Offenses (Special Measures) Act (SOSMA), the Emergency Ordinance (EO) and the Dangerous Drug Act (DDA). SUARAM serves as the secretariat for the Abolish ISA Movement, better known as Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) to raise public awareness and build up the movement to repeal the ISA. Now that the ISA and the EO has been repealed, this desk is striving to ensure the remaining ISA detainees are released and continues to be actively involved in campaigning and local lobbying.