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Suaram is launching an annual sponsorship programme where donors can pledge to donate RM500, RM1000, or any other amount to Suaram annually. With this programme, we hope to have a more sustainable funding base, thus enabling Suaram to continue working for human rights in Malaysia.

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In previous years, Suaram was primarily funded by human rights grants. Such grants however, have been discontinued because Malaysia is no longer deemed by funders as a priority area for developmental aid. Uncertainty in funding has been negatively affecting the work of Suaram because it hinders our ability to execute our human rights campaigns in a consistent and wholistic manner.

Sustainable donations from ordinary Malaysians are therefore important in ensuring the continued existence of Suaram. For a start, we hope to recruit 50 individuals as annual sponsors for 2015. The draft expenditure budget for the Suaram’s key programmes in 2015 is as follows:


Budgeted Expenses (RM)

Documentation and Monitoring
– monitoring, documenting, and researching on violations of human rights in Malaysia for the year 2015
– publication of the annual Malaysian Human Right Report


Right to Trial
– campaign against arbitrary detention and detention without trial
– fact finding and documenting cases, and facilitating legal and other urgent assistance to victims


Right to Justice
– campaign for accountability of the police and other enforcement agencies, especially on setting up the IPCMC
– provide urgent assistance to victims of police abuse, including family members of death in custody victims


Local Governance
– campaigning for local democracy and good governance, especially for local council elections, freedom of information, and anti-corruption
– forums and workshops for human rights education to the public


Total Programme Cost


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To sign up as an annual sponsor, please register at or contact our office at [email protected] /+603 7784 3525.

For one-off donations, banking information can be found here.