Below are ways you can contribute to our fundraising campaign. Please tick whichever is appropriate:

Option 1

( ) I /We would like to contribute to partly cover the running cost of organising the fundraising event
(Please state amount): RM ________

For your reference, our projected costs of hosting this event are as follows:
RM5,000 – Hall rental, rental of tables & chairs, hall decoration
RM2,500 – P.A System
RM2,500 – Performers and entertainment allowance
RM3,000 – Printing tickets, online adverts & promotional flyers
RM10,000 – Printing T-shirts and other merchandises for fundraising sale
RM24,000 – Catering for 700 pax

Option 2

( ) We/I would like to contribute an item(s) or product(s) for the lucky draw.
Amount of item: ___________
Item worth (for mention during event during lucky draw ceremony): RM _____

Option 3

( ) We/I would like to financially support SUARAM for the year 2013 by sponsoring a campaign desk (i.e one staff) for the year (Minimum Amount: RM30,000)
(Please state amount): RM _____

Attach with this form is a check / cash deposit slip / online transfer reference (please cross out where appropriate) with a total amount of RM _________.
Payment can be made to ‘Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd’, Hong Leong Account No: 03000065200.

Name: ______________________
Date: ______________________
Official stamp & signature:

*Please print this page and email or fax it to us with details.